Digital Citizenship

At Queen Margaret College we recognise the importance of our students being informed, responsible participants in the online world, and take a school wide approach to educating students on the safety and ethical aspects that come with being a responsible digital citizen. In the Middle School, Digital Technology Units are devoted to teaching girls about Internet safety, privacy, online reputation, and digital footprint, and Health lessons involve discussions on self-image, friendship, and bullying in the online and offline world. Additional time will be dedicated to these topics during form and assembly time.

While Queen Margaret College provides a filtered and monitored internet connection to students when they are at school, parents are advised to provide guidelines for their daughter’s online behavior at home. Ultimately the responsibility for safe, ethical and legal online behaviour falls on the girls themselves, with support and guidance from parents. There are a number of online resources that parents might find useful for helping managing a teenager’s online behaviour. Netsafe is a New Zealand based organisation and their website is a good starting point for those seeking support and advice.


There is also an excellent eBook available to parents on this topic, titled a Parent’s Guide to Social Networking. This can be viewed here


As explained at The Middle School parent evenings at the start of the year we advise parents to have all digital devices removed from their daughter’s bedrooms in the evenings as per the age appropriate times given by the Head of School, Mrs Rena Day (email While there is an abundance of online advice and software based solutions for managing online teenagers, I will advise of any particularly useful material in future posts.

The following are a list of helpful websites for parents and students on the subject of Internet Safety and Responsibility.

New Zealand based organisations  (parents)   (students)

Overseas based organisations.