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The purpose of this blog is to share QMC e-Learning news and updates, plus some of the innovative and fun ways in which technology is being used to enhance our girls’ learning.



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MS Teams as a Virtual Classroom


For 2018, Microsoft Teams has been a successful newcomer to the QMC eLearning toolkit. Whilst OneNote Class Notebooks remain an indispensable virtual classroom and virtual desk platform for Year 6-13 students, MS Teams is adding a number of provisions for students and teachers. Teams incorporates a Class Notebook, as well as other new features such as the provision of student discussion forums (e.g. for complex subject content), and an ability to set up sign-up forms for tutorials and group projects. In addition, students can use Teams to share notes and materials with other classmates that may not have been present for lessons.

Jessica Siacci has been an enthusiastic adoptee of Teams in her Senior School classes. For Miss Siacci, Teams provides a rich two-way platform for providing learning via all manner of multi-media content. Other uses have included a class notice board for her form class Team, where both students and teacher can post notices and reminders, as well as set up class polls either for fun or to organise class events (e.g. community fair, pizza lunches, etc.). To lighten things up a little when learning challenging content, Miss  Siacci has also provided a ‘fun space’ channel for the students to post class-related posts that aren’t strictly academic (e.g. meme pages for challenging concepts). Below is an example of the Chemistry Team virtual classroom:


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