iCloud Update

Mac Users: Be wearing of a new update which enforces you to use iCloud as your back up. This invariably results in it filling up and requiring you to purchase more storage space.


If you’re getting the circle next to iCloud drive (as shown right), you’re close to running out of space. To fix this, install the much bigger (and free) OneDrive for Mac as per these instructions , copy your files over to it, and disable to the enforced iCloud as per these instructions.

See the IT Centre or Mr Knuckey (W3 at lunchtime) for help if required.

Snapchat Privacy Alert

UntitledYou may be aware that Snapchat has released a controversial new update feature which shares the user’s location on a map (as below). This has been received with widespread criticised on safety grounds.

At Queen Margaret College we have a strong commitment to teaching our girls how to conduct themselves safely and responsibly online. In line with this, we strongly advise QMC Snapchat users to turn off this function for their own safety.

This week the class QTechs (student IT support) will be delivering this message to all Snapchat users, along with instructions on how disable this function. The instructions on doing this are provided here, or students can call into see me or the ICT Centre for further help with this.

Please contact me on richard.knuckey@qmc.school.nz if you have any concerns about this.




Year 6 App Design Project

After seeing the call for submissions for a fantastic tech challenge I decided to enter and put a team together. The Tech Challenge is a Australian and New Zealand competition calling for girls to enter app ideas to aid their community in ways that fall under the UN guidelines such as poverty, environment, peace, equality, education and health.

After the Kaikoura earthquake where my family and I had to evacuate as we live on the flat in Seatoun, I thought it would be a good idea to create an app that would help others in similar situations.

Eimear and Jaskiran have joined my team and we have started coding in MIT app maker as well as filming a pitch video. We are also talking to Wremo about our ideas.

If we are successful we will head to San Francisco to Technovation! So fingers crossed! There are also prizes that we could win for our school. We will also update QMC News as we progress and maybe even present the app at assembly.

Isabel Haupt 6LA


Left to right: Eimear Fitzgerald; Isabel Haupt and Jaskiran Rahi

Digital Citizenship Performance

In an effort to ensure all of our Year 5 – 9 students continue to practice safe and ethical online behavior, on Monday they attended the Cyber Safety performance musical My Friends dot Com.  Please feel free to discuss the following key learning points from the performance:

  • What is cyber bullying?
  • Cyber bullying is a criminal offence in NZ.
  • What to do if you’re cyber bullied.
  • Bystanders – their choices and the implications of their choices.
  • Keeping personal details to yourself.
  • The risks of ‘friending’ strangers online.
  • The risks of assuming a fake identity online.
  • Cyber bullies can’t hide – how cyber activity can be traced.
  • Being cyber bullied is never your ‘fault’.
  • Self esteem
  • Communication
  • Peer pressure
  • Kindness

Help and advice for parents can be found on QMC’s dedicated Digital Citizenship page here:

Help and advice for children and teens can be found here

There is also a very useful ongoing campaign being run by Vodafone NZ:

Technology Mentoring Opportunity


ShadowTech Day provides young women in years 10 -12 with an opportunity to experience what working in the tech sector could be like, encouraging them onto education pathways that lead into tech sector roles.

The Wellington event in on June 22. It will involve a full day out of school.

The programme connects young women at school with women working in the tech sector, who act as a mentors.  Secondary school students get to spend a day with the woman in tech, experiencing a day in the life of an IT professional. Students also have the option to partner with a tertiary student, who can provide mentoring and advice on study options.


ShadowTech was founded by MIT, and is delivered in partnership with NZTech.  The program was first run in 2014 under the name Shadow IT and changed to ShadowTech in 2016. Our objective is to see an increase in the number of females who choose STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related subjects at a secondary and tertiary level and ultimately choose a career in tech.

 ShadowTech Day activities include:

• Workplace tour
• Observing at meetings
• Lunch with secondary student and business mentor
• Follow-up study advice from tertiary mentors

All information about the day is available on the website.

If interested, please register your name here for consideration

Cyber-Safety Performance

As part of our ongoing committment to educating Queen Margaret Students on the importance of responsible and ethical Digital Citizenship, Performance Musicals will be performing the show My Friends Dot Com to all Year 5 – 9 students during Period 1 on Monday May 21 in the QMC Hall. There is a charge of $5 per student which will be added to each student’s account. Parents are also welcome; if you wish to attend please enter the hall off Hobson Street and make your way upstairs to the seating in the gallery.

Information about the performance can be found here, and a sample of the performance can be viewed on the video below.

If you have any questions regarding your daughter attending this, please contact me on richard.knuckey@qmc.school.nz

My Friends